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Puppy Starter Information
& Supply List

Puppy's Diet

We recommend Costco's Kirkland Brand Lamb & Rice it is a good quality food, easy for families to access and very well priced. It contains no chicken or chicken fat. Chicken can be an allergen source in kibble for dogs. Those are the reasons this has been chosen as our starter food.. We recommend a food like this that is approved for all life stages or a LARGE BREED puppy food. We do not recommend most standard puppy food be used because it can bring on bone disorders in certain breeds such as Boxers and with certain sizes of dogs such as large and giant breeds. Many sizes & breeds of dogs are identified with specific limb and joint conditions. Boxers are susceptible to some of these conditions. OCD is the most common of these disorders. HOD is another condition that commonly effects Boxers. If you have to have a bone disease, OCD is the one you want. It will go away. It is a self-limiting disease that could be called doggy growing pains. It should not, however, be ignored and we should do our best to prevent it by feeding a healthy balanced diet. By being cautious of the diet we feed we can try to prevent these and other bone conditions from affecting our puppies...


(Slower growth helps to prevent OCD and HOD.) However, we do realize that most other high quality dog foods on the market are much higher in protein then what we suggest, and people swap foods for various reasons. That is why we suggest if you are going to make a switch that I urge you to choose one of my  approved suggested foods bellow.  Even though the proteins vary on these foods they all have safe protein & calcium levels. Give NO calcium supplementation!  

  The Kirkland is 25% protein, Calcium 1.4%, Phosphorus 0.9%. This is a nice balance for the growing puppy to promote a nice steady even growth. The key is not to overfeed or feed a diet that is too high in calcium or minerals. Feeding a SLIGHTLY higher protein food is acceptable as long as the calcium and mineral content is not through the roof.  22-25% Protein ideally, up to 28% at the very maximum.


 It is best to stay with the diet your puppy is already used to.  A sudden change in diet can cause diarrhea and multiple health problems! If you do decide to change foods, I urge you to use one of my specific trusted & approved foods. We recommend that you research heavily before purchasing any other food. If planning to change, please consult me on the proper way to do so and with the foods you are considering. I would like to help you make sure that you are making the best choice for your fur kid! I have devoted many hours into research and if I don't know the answer I am happy to help you find it! My main concern is for you to avoid being talked or tricked into the wrong diet for your puppy. We can work together to find the best possible option! 

 Other Puppy Products....

1. Containment for house training and safety...

A puppy kennel and kennel pad.
The Advantek Pet Gazebo is  highly recommended for indoor or outdoor use.

2. Carpet cleaner, preferable Natures Miracle due to the odor inhibitor for those accidents to not become repeat areas of attraction.

3. Toenail trimmers & Quick Stop blood stopping powder

4. Ear cleaner

5. Toothbrush and Toothpaste

6. Puppy Shampoo... we recommend Tropiclean shampoo.  

7. Ceramic or metal food and water dishes. (Plastic harbors bacteria that can make your dog sick!)

8. Breed book on boxers to help you understand your dogs ins and outs.

9. Collar, leash and Harness. A Harness is only recommended for the first few months for safety & leash training after that only in vehicles for safety purposes. Harnesses can activate the front of the dog and cause them to be pullers, something that we want to avoid.

10. Identification tag (DO NOT put your puppy's name on it because if he/she gets lost it makes it easy for someone to assume ownership of the dog)

We microchip all puppies because tags can get lost or removed by someone trying to steal the dog. Registration of this will be your responsibility.

11. Toys and toy box (Wicker basket), this will help with boredom and the box is to eliminate confusion of what belongs to your pup and what does not. 

12. Chew treats, helps your puppy with not only amusement but helps to remove his/her puppy teeth to avoid a trip to the vet for removal. And helps adult teeth stay healthy. Bully sticks, cow hoofs, or pig snouts  is what we suggest. PLEASE only buy what is made in AMERICA or CANADA!

13. Training treats.. Grain free only. Liver is a big hit usually. Avoid chicken, and stick to small treats. 

14. Training classes.. ask your vet, or me who I recommend.

15. Bed, we recommend Kuranda beds for indoor & outdoor use for your puppy. 

16. yard clean up tool.

                     Flea Control 

Topical for fleas and ticks

NO internal flea medication is recommended! 

When the puppies growth slows you may choose to use the Seresto

Collar for flea/Tick control.

Heart Worm Prevention...

Use Advantage Multi or Revolution if Heart worm is prevalent in your area!

(ask your vet.) HEART WORM KILLS!!!!! 

These medications cover fleas as well, and are TOPICAL!

Revolution Kills Ticks also!

For Heart worm only we recommend Heartgard chews


We recommend that you start your puppy right away on this amazing supplement! Ordering information is bellow. I would love to give you my testimony on this product if you would like more information! Click bellow to order!




Some Boxer Musts...