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Quotes I just wanted to comment on how beautiful your dogs are. I work at Adobe Animal Hospital - A family that purchased a female fawn puppy from you bring their boxers to Adobe for health care and the female pup that they got from you "Tessa" is SO GORGEOUS!!!! I am a long time boxer owner and lost my boxer a year ago from a brain tumor. I look forward to sharing my life with another boxer in the future and would be honored to share it with one of your dogs. They represent the breed superbly not only in confirmation, but in health and temperament too. Thank you for your devotion to improving the wonderful boxer breed! L.D. Quotes
Licensed veterinary technician & dental hygienist
Adobe Animal Hospital

Quotes I was looking for a new pup and waited a bit too long to commit, and someone snatched the last beautiful pup from Boxers of Palo Mesa's recent litter. It was apparent in dealing with Lina that they were head and shoulders above any other breeder I had spoken with. The detail, information and level of care for these pups far exceeded anyone else I spoke with in my extensive breeder research. Even better, despite not having a pup to offer me, Lina remained communicative and helpful in sending me on my way so I wouldn't make any mistakes in my search. I can't recommend their program enough. Quotes
Bryan Marye Los Angeles, CA

Quotes Yes, we did 3 puppies in 1 1/2 years from Lina! First, we had brother and sister but then Lina had posted a litter that she had on Facebook and that's how we got our 3rd! Our family can't say enough about the love that oozes from these dogs. We knew after having the 2 dogs we needed a 3rd dog so we could have 1 dog for each of our children. Our house is chaotic with kids and puppies laying together on beds, dog beds, sofas, and crates! Our kids know that these dogs are family and that is proven when the kids are outside riding their bikes with the Boxer escorts that run alongside them. I was never a fan of "breeders" but Lina is so much more to these dogs and to us the families that adopt them. If our babies sneeze, act funny or we just have a question we know we can ALWAYS call Lina. We are a boxer family for life! Quotes
M&M Stickley
3 babies in 1 1/2 years!

Quotes Having grown up watching dog shows, I knew when I got my dream dog, it would have to be a perfect match. I started searching 2 years ago... every boxer breeder I could find in the U.S. None of the other breeders pups had parents with the attributes I was looking for.. none of them had updated family pictures of their pups. I searched and I waited. One day, I found a link to BOPM. They were helping a rescue find a home for a random boxer in a shelter. I went to their page and found several rescue links and then something that stole my heart. I found links to "family reunions!" These folks reunite with previous litters regularly. 15+ grown boxers take over the beach! Siblings, aunts, uncles... the whole family! THIS is what I wanted. Beautiful animals with support from their breeder who really cares and stays in touch. We took our baby home in March of 2014. She is the best dog I have ever owned! She is the perfect companion and I know she will excel at her position as a therapy dog! Quotes
K Goodnature
So glad I waited!

Quotes Our BOPM puppy is 1.5 yrs old now & is such a character! He's so well behaved & I love getting compliments on how great his temperament is & how handsome he is! It makes me so proud even though I know most of it has to do with the lines Lina has carefully chosen. Lina takes great care in the planning of her litters & it is evident in the dogs she produces. I love that she requires contracts & finds loving, responsible homes for all her dogs. She is always available to offer advice when needed. It's also great that we live close enough to come over for play dates & attend the annual BOPM Family Reunion held in July at Avila Beach. I absolutely & highly recommend Lina Anderson, Boxers of Palo Mesa to anyone looking for an amazing quality boxer! We will definitely be getting a little brother or sister to add to our pack in the next couple years! Thanks Lina!!! T&M Orlick Templeton, CA Quotes
Tara & Mike Orlick
Proud BOPM Parents!

Quotes I am so thankful for my little Roxy. Lina is an amazing breeder and now friend to me. She cares for and knows her puppies so well. I came to her looking for a service dog and I am glad that I have found her. She knew exactly which puppy was right for me and I couldn't be happier. I am a previous boxer owner and I believe her dedication to the breed in terms of temperament and physicality is hard to match. Thank you Lina, Monica Gonzalez Quotes
Monica Gonzalez
Gypsy now (Roxy) a Tessa and Robbie pup

Quotes We carefully researched for the right breeder and Lina was the winner. She patiently answered all question and kept me update when Ginger went to labor and posted the pups immediately. Our boy was not even 1 day old when we fell in love with him. These are great boxers from a happy environment and really enriched our life. Thanks Lina, for your passion and love for this breed. We certainly do profit from this with a healthy happy boxer. Siggi Quotes
Sigrid Butler
Boxer Love

Quotes My husband and I recently visited Boxers Of Palo Mesa,owned by Lina Anderson,and came away quite impressed. The puppies and adults are beautiful,well behaved, friendly,happy animals. I observed no negative personality traits in any of her dogs, the pups were energetic, curious, and playful, as were the adults. The puppies had a large area penned off, kept very clean, and supplied with puppy appropriate toys.When the gate was opened, pups flew everywhere,as only boxer pups can,gorgeous, energetic,and friendly. The adult dogs were the same. Lina spent a considerable amount of time answering our questions, and giving us an overview of the breed, and her methods of breeding and raising her dogs. I want to thank Lina for her time and consideration, but mainly for producing a great example of the boxer breed. This breeder is definitely worth checking into if you are considering a Boxer. Thanks again, Quotes
Tracy Aspinall

Quotes We met Lina by chance via the internet over 2 years ago. Lina and her boxers have changed our lives, and also those in our family and our friends. We fell in love with Tessa online. We put a deposit down on a male, knowing all the while there was a chance we might not get a boy that go around. Along came our puppy Jax, who is such a love. He is mellow, goofy and has a wonderful temperament. I believe that comes from Lina's hard work to create a solid line. We can't thank Lina enough for bringing us into her family. Lina isn't just a breeder, she is a friend. You can't find that with just any breeder. You won't be disappointed! Quotes
Rachel Kendall
Boxers of Palo Mesa lover

Quotes The first time I bought a puppy from Lina was almost 7 years ago and I was very happy with how Lina took care of everything including making sure her puppies go to good homes where they will be well taken care of. Lina also made sure I knew everything I needed to know about the breed and how to take care of her. I also bought a male almost 5 years ago and he is the greatest!!! They both are sooo good with my babies that are now 2 and 3. Lina makes sure she has the best care for her females before, during and after having puppies. I know because I have visited during all. Thank you Lina for my wonderful dogs and for introducing me to a wonderful breed. Quotes
Erin R.
Delano CA.